Past Projects

AMF Bowling Centers Inc.

Asphalt Repair/Resurface & Sealcoat
AMF Bowling
13307 San Pedro Ave San Antonio, TX 78216

(Asphalt Repair/Resurface & Sealcoat)

Archetype Properties

Levander Loop
21 Strandtman Cove
Austin, Texas

(Remove existing asphalt, concrete, install curb & gutter, Grade ADA at Parking Areas, Excavate & place base at new parking addition, Prime & Pave 2″ Type D HMAC Stripe, Signage)

Austin Independent School District

Andrews Elementary School
Parking & Bus Drop-Off Lane
Harris Elementary Parking Lot Addition
1711 Wheless Lane – Austin, Texas
6801 Northeast Drive – Austin, Texas

(Excavating, Grading, Select Fill, Civil Concrete, Base, 1 1/2” Hot Mix Asphalt)

Austin Independent School District

Asphalt Resurface & Repair Linder Elementary School
2800 Metcalfe Rd,
Austin, TX 78741

(Remove asphalt, Subgrade Prep, grading install concrete curb, 6” base 1 1/2” Hot Mix Asphalt)

Austin Independent School District

Project Number G11-1015-GROUP
Asphalt Repair/Resurface & Sealcoat
Various AISD Facilities

(Crackseal, Sealcoating, Asphalt Patching)

Austin Independent School District

Parking & Sidewalk Improvements
Yellow Jacket Stadium
1169 Hargrave Street
Austin, Texas

(Excavate, Base, Grading, Hot Mix Asphalt, Concrete Curbs & Sidewalk)

Austin Independent School District

Cook Elementary
1511 Cripple Creek Dr,
Austin, TX 78758

(Crackseal, Sealcoating)

Austin Independent School District

Nelson Field Bus Yard
7400 Berkman Dr,
Austin, TX 78752

(Remove Existing Asphalt, Grading, 1 1/2” Hot Mix Asphalt)

Austin Independent School District

Alternative Learning Center
901 Neal
Austin, Texas 78702

(Asphalt Repairs, Concrete Curb, Gutter & Sidewalks)

Austin Independent School District

LBJ High School Parking Lot
7309 Lazy Creek Dr
Austin, TX 78724

(Excavate, Grading, Concrete Curbs & Sidewalks, Grading Hot Mix Asphalt)

Austin Independent School District

Toney Burger Pavement Rehab
Toney Burger Stadium
Austin, Texas

(Crackseal, Sealcoating at parking)

Austin Independent School District

DELCO Center Asphalt Repairs
Austin, Texas

Saw cut approximately 1,300 s.f.
Excavate & Haul-off Asphalt
Rework Existing Base & Compact
Provide & Place 2” Type D HMAC

Barecky Construction

Adjutant General Department
Camp Mabry Building 37
Warehouse & Access Road
Camp Mabry, Texas

(Asphalt Removal, Grading, Base, 2” Hot Mix Asphalt)

BCI National

Popeye’s Fried Chicken
1902 South Lakeline Blvd
Cedar Park, Texas

(Clearing, Excavate, Select Fill building pad, grading, base at turn lane, 2” hot mix asphalt)

Blue & Associates

School In The Hills
10819 Ranch Road 2222
Austin, Texas

(Excavate, Select Fill at Building Pad, 8” Base at Parking, Grading, Backfill)

Bout Time 2

New Parking Lot
6607 N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd
Austin, TX 78752

(Clear, Excavate, Base at Parking, Grading, Concrete Curbs, Hot Mix Asphalt)

Brath Inc

Sloan Office Complex
302 N. Lampasas
Round Rock, Texas

(Clearing, Subgrade Preparation, Select Fill Building Pad, Base, Asphalt Paving)

Burnet Consolidated School District

Stadium Paving Project
1401 N. Main Street
Burnet, Texas 78611

(Base, Grading, Concrete Curbs & Sidewalks, Hot Mix Asphalt)

Burt Watts Industries

Stone Creek Crossing (Spec’s)
Corner of IH35 & Stone Creek Crossing
City of San Marcos, Texas

(Clearing, Excavation, Haul-Off, Moisture Conditioning, Select Fill, Base at Parking, Hot Mix Asphalt)

B Werks

Eastside Station
1700 East 4th Street
Austin, Texas 78702

(Provide and Place 7” Base, 10,100 S.F. 2” Type D Hot Mix)

Candlewood Suites

4320 Interest.35 Service St.
Austin, TX 78745

(Sealcoating Parking Lot, Stripe)

Candlewood Suites

9701 Stonelake Blvd,
Austin, TX 78759

(Sealcoating Parking Lot, Stripe)

City of Smithville

Smithville Community Center Paving Improvements
Smithville, Texas

(Parking Lots on West & South Side of Community Center)
(Parking Lot on East side of Community Center)
(RV Parking Lot)

Commercial Interiors

Little Sunshine’s Playhouse – Parking Lot
1501 Lohmans Crossing
Lakeway, Texas

(Base, Grading, 1 1/2” Hot Mix Asphalt)

Cool Box

10417 Hwy 183 South
Austin, Texas

(Blade and Roll Subgrade, Furnish and Install 5” Crushed Concrete, Prime Coat Base, Water/roll and Compact)

Dairy Queen Schertz

1090 FM 78
Schertz, TX 78154

(Parking Lot Overlay – Hot Mix Asphalt)

Department Of Public Safety

5805 N Lamar Blvd
Austin, Texas 78752

(Place 2” Type D HMAC, Overlay 2”, Seal Coat, Striping)

Department Of Public Safety

9000 N IH 35
Austin, Texas 78752

(Replacement of Parking Lot)

Embree Construction

Discount Tire
1601 FM 685
Pflugerville, Texas

(Clearing, subgrade preparation, Select Fill Building Pad, Grading for concrete paving)

Embree Construction Group

Spring Creek Dental
1207 Chestnut Street
Bastrop, Texas 78602

(Demolition, Excavation, Select Fill Building Pad, Base & HMAC Paving)

Engen Contracting

Palm Valley Retail
2150 E. Palm Valley Blvd
Round Rock, Texas 78681

(Site Development, Clearing, Excavation, Compacted Base Building Pads, Moisture Conditioning, Base Parking,
2” Hot Mix Asphalt)

Faith Presbyterian

1314 E Oltorf
Austin, Texas 78704

(Remove Existing Asphalt, Roll Existing Base, Prime, Provide and Place 2” Type D HMAC)


Parking Lot Rehabilitation
Home Depot
11301 Lakeline Blvd
Austin, Texas

Approximately 200,000 S.F.
Milling, Paving, Concrete Removal and Replacement, Crack Seal, Wheel Stops, Striping, Signage

G2 Builders Corporation

Parking Lot
Home 2 Suites
1705 Airport Commerce
Austin, Texas

(Excavation, Base, Hot Mix Asphalt)

Gary Allen Construction

Reeves Insurance Agency
8011 Brodie Lane
Austin, Texas 78748

(Excavate, Select fill bldg pad, Base at Parking, Concrete walls at Detention pond, Concrete curb & sidewalk, 2” Hot Mix Asphalt)

G Creek Inc

Pappadeux’s Seafood Kitchen
11617 Research Blvd
Austin, Texas

(Prime & Pave 3100 s.y. 2” Type D Asphalt)

G Creek Construction

Shoreline MUD
16318 Great Oaks Dr
Round Rock, Texas 78681

(Furnish and Install 118 Tons Base Material, Blade, Prime and Pave 2,553 SY 1 1/2 “ Type D HMAC)

Home 2 Suites

G2 Builders
1705 Airport Commerce Drive
Austin, Texas 78741

(Provide and Place Base Material, Blade-Water- and Compact Base, Provide and Place 3,617 SY. Type D HMAC, Remove Existing Asphalt, Place 2” 290 SY. Type D HMAC)

IE2 Construction

Shadow Glen Medical Complex
14008 Shadow Glen Blvd
Manor, Texas

(Clearing, Excavation, Haul-off, Lime Stabilization, Moisture Conditioning, Select Fill, Base at Parking, 2” Hot Mix Asphalt)

Jamail & Smith Construction

Ben’s Workshop
2109 South Congress
Austin, Texas 78704

(Clearing, Excavating, Select Fill Building Pad, Base at Parking, 1 1/2” Hot Mix Asphalt)

J C Stoddard Construction

Addition to the Provincial House
For the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians
San Antonio, Texas

(Clearing, Excavating, Base at Parking, Asphalt paving)

Jomco Inc

Big Tex Trailers
17140 IH 35
Buda, Texas 78610

Grade, Compact Base
Prime & Pave Existing Base 4,050 s.y. 2” Type D

Journeyman Construction

Webb MS Fine Arts Addition & Renovation (AISD)
601 East St. Johns
Austin, Texas 78752

(Earthwork, Clearing, Excavation, Select Fill Building Pad, Base at Parking, 2” Hot Mix Asphalt)

Journeyman Construction

State Firemen’s & Fire Marshall’s New Office Building
707 FM 1626
Manchaca, Texas 78748

(Clear, Haul-off, Excavate, Select Fill Building Pad, Grading, Backfill)

Kiewit Building Group

Velocity Credit Union
1220 E. New Hope Drive
Austin, Texas

(Excavate site to grade, place select fill at building pad, Hot Mix Asphalt Backfill behind curbs)

LGI Homes

New Parking Lot for Sales Office
Presidential Glen Subdivision
Per Lange Pass
Manor, Texas 78653

(Base, Grading, 1 1/2” Hot Mix Asphalt)

Menfi Management L.P.

Baker Street Subdivision
5007 Baker Street
Austin, Texas

(Clearing, Excavate Street, Subgrade, Lime, Base at Road, 2” Hot Mix Asphalt, Detention Pond, Storm Drain, Sanitary Sewer, Water, Curb, Gutter)


4701 Weidemar Lane
Austin, Texas

Excavate 10”
Provide & Place 8” Base
Prime & Pave 2” Type D HMAC

Mpact Development

Mustang Creek Dialysis Center Davita
Hwy 79
Taylor, Texas

(Excavating, Select fill building pad, Detention Pond, Concrete curbs & sidewalks, Base at Parking, 2” Hot Mix Asphalt)

Mpact Development

Avery Ranch Dental Clinic & Medical Center
6160 Avery Ranch Blvd
Round Rock, Texas

(Site Development, Excavation, Compacted Select Fill Building Pads, Detention, Civil Concrete, Grading, Base at Parking Lot, 2” Hot Mix Asphalt)

Mpact Development

Davita Dialysais Center
201 FM 971
Georgetown, Texas

(Excavating, Select fill building pads, Concrete Curbs & Sidewalks, Detention Pond, 1 1/2” hot mix asphalt, striping)

Middleton Construction

Builders First Source
13701 N IH35
Jarrell, Texas

(Parking Lot Grading & Drainage System)

Milestone General Contracting

Hills of Bear Creek Amenity Center
1917 Garretts Way
Manchaca, TX 78652

(Clearing, Excavate, Grading, Hot Mix Asphalt)

Mt. Zion Baptist Church

New Parking Addition
2938 E 13th Street
Austin, TX 78702

(Excavate, Base material, Grading, concrete paving, curbs, sidewalks & approaches)

Navcon Group

Roger Beasley Mitsubishi
1120 Shelby Lane
Austin, Texas 78745

(Asphalt Removal, Grading, Base, 2” Hot Mix Asphalt)

Outback Service Inc

APHCC Office Building
145 Trademark Drive
Buda, Texas 78610

(Excavation, Select fill bldg pad, Site Grading, Base for Concrete Paving)

Panorama Ranch

Austin, Texas

(Grading ad Compact Base Material, Furnish and Install 1,990 Tons HMAC)

Parkway Construction

First Choice ER
2020 East Riverside Drive
Austin, Texas 78741

Base & Grading, Prime & Pave 2,536 s.y. 2” Type D HMAC

Paradigm Contracting

Dittmar Recreation ADA Improvements
1009 W Dittmar Rd,
Austin, TX 78745

(Concrete Removal, Asphalt Milling, New Concrete Ramp & Curb, Hot Mix Asphalt, Striping)


Professional Contract Service Inc
718 W. FM 1626
Austin, Texas 78748

(ADA Compliance) Remove Curb & Sidewalk – Base, Grading, Concrete, Hot Mix Asphalt)

Red Hawk Contracting

Springtown Mall
180 Springtown Way
San Marcos, Texas 78666

Remove 48,550 S.F. Asphalt.
Excavate at Buildings to provide 4 1/2” building Pads, Provide and Place Select Fill at Building Pads, Provide and Place 734 S.Y. 9”Base, 2” Type D Asphalt Paving
Provide and Place 1,840 S.Y. 10” Base 2 1/2” Type D HMAC

Regas Contracting

Chic-Fil-A Bastrop
721 Highway 71 W
Bastrop, TX 78602

(Clearing, Select Fill Building Pad, Grading)

Rizzo Construction

Sierra Vista Section 8 Housing
4320 S. Congress
Austin, Texas 78745

(Asphalt Repair/Resurface & Sealcoat)

Rizzo Construction

Pappadeaux Seafood Parking Lot
11547 Research Blvd
Austin, Texas

(Excavate, Select Fill & Grading for Concrete Paving, Backfill Curbs)

Rizzo Construction Company

St. Parish Hall Expansion
624 E. Hopkins
San Marcos, Texas

(Excavation, Select Fill Building Pad, Base at Parking 2” Hot Mix Asphalt)

Rizzo Construction

Improvements to 5339 IH-35 Strip Center
Austin, Texas

(Excavation, Select Fill Building Pad, Base, Grading, 2” Hot Mix Asphalt)

Roger Beasley (Parking Lot Repair)

2520 Buell Ave
Austin, Texas

(Remove Asphalt, Grading, 2” Hot Mix Asphalt)

Roger Beasley

3566 S Interstate 35
New Braunfels, TX 78132

(Concrete Repairs at Door Ramps)

Roger Beasley Mazda Georgetown

Roger Beasley Mazda New Parking Lot
7551 IH 35
Georgetown, Texas

(Clearing, Excavate, Grading, Base, 1 1/2” Hot Mix Asphalt)

Ron Sparks Inc

O’Reilly Auto Parts
10010 North Lamar
Austin, Texas 78758

(Demolition, Excavation, Concrete Paving, Base, Retaining Wall, Pavement Markings)

Sabre Commercial

Cedar International Academy
6700 Middle Fiskville Road
Austin, Texas 78752

(Excavation, H.M.A.C. ADA)

Sabre Commercial

Sabre Commercial
Kohler’s Crossing Phase 11

(Excavate, Haul-Off, Select Fill Building Pad, Base, Grading, Hot Mix Asphalt at Parking)

Schmidt Electric

Texas School for the Deaf
1102 S. Congress
Austin, Texas

(Asphalt Patching, Concrete Sidewalks, 2” Hot Mix Asphalt)

Skyline Commercial

Bank of America
10661 Culebra
San Antonio, Texas

(Excavating, Select fill building pad, Base at parking, 2” Hot Mix Asphalt)

Skyline Commercial

Southwestern University
Parking Lot Additions
Georgetown, Texas

(Excavation, Grading, Base, 2” Hot Mix Asphalt)

Southfork Construction

Chili’s Grill & Bar #1540
18901 Limestone Commercial Dr.
Pflugerville, TX 78660

(Clearing, Excavation, Haul-Off, Select Fill Building Pad, Grading)

Southside Wrecker

1313 S Congress Ave,
Austin, TX 78704

(Base, Grading, Hot Mix Asphalt)

Speak Easy Telecom

ATX Towers Access Road
51st Street
Austin, Texas

Clear & Grub Site
Subgrade for Paving Area
Excavate & Fill Site to Grade
Provide & Place 848 S.Y. 2” Type D HMAC and 10” Base

STR Construction

Stone Hill Town Center
1616 Town Center Drive
Pflugerville, TX

(Clearing, Haul-Off, Excavate, Select Fill Building Pad, Grading, Backfill)


Scott & White Medical Clinic
1705 Pflugerville Parkway
Pflugerville, Texas

(Excavate, Select Fill Building Pad, Backfill)

Suntech Inc

HEB Car Wash
1080 W Hwy 290
Elgin, Texas

(Excavation, Select fill building pad, Base at drives, 2” Hot Mix Asphalt)

Texas AFL-CIO Parking

1106 Lavaca St
Austin, TX 78701

(Overlay 1,162 SY existing asphalt 1 ½” Type D HMAC, Provide and place 187 SY 2” Type D HMAC and 8” base on the side of the building, Stripe to match site plan, Place new stop blocks )

Texas Facilities Commission

Credit Union Parking Lot Addition
914 E. Anderson Lane
Austin, Texas 78752

(Excavate, Concrete Curbs, Sidewalks, Base Material, 1 1/2” Hot Mix Asphalt, Backfill)

Texas Facilities Commission

Department of Health Services
1100 West 49th Street
Austin, Texas

(180,000 S.F. Sealcoating, 10,000 S.F. Asphalt Patching, 4,000 L.F. Cracksealing, Grading, Concrete Sidewalks to meet ADA Standards, 3500 s.y. 1 1/2” Hot Mix Asphalt, Striping (300 spaces)

The First Baptist Church of Austin

FBC Still Waters Retreat Center
9409 Granada Hills Drive
Austin, Texas

(Excavate & Grading, for Addition to Parking Lot 1 1/2” Hot Mix Asphalt Overlay on Parking & Existing Road)

The Housing Authority City of Austin

Parking Renovations @ Thurmond Heights Apartments
Austin, Texas

(Asphalt Removal, Base Material, Grading, Asphalt Replacement)

The Struthoff Company

Panera Bread #4460 Austin
13000 North IH-35
Austin, Texas

Saw cut & Remove 33,000 S.F. Asphalt
Place On-site material to bring building pad to grade,
Place 2,237 S.Y. 2” Type D HMAC
Place 10” base at parking 14” base at drive

The Sullivan Corporation

Buy Buy Baby
5400 Brodie Lane
Austin, Texas

(Hot Mix Asphalt Overlay)

Tolero Construction

City of Leander Shooting Range
10201 FM 2243
Leander, Texas 78641

(Excavation, Select fill at building pad, ADA Concrete, 2” hot mix asphalt, granite walkways)

The Village at Gracy Farms Apartments

2600 Gracy Farms Ln
Austin, TX 78758

(Crackseal & Sealcoating parking)

U S Builders

Walmart #1235
5025 Loop 410 Northwest
San Antonio, Texas 78229

(Excavation, Haul-off, Grading, Select Fill, Base at Parking, 2” HMAC, Striping, Signage, ADA)

Vanguard Construction

Llano Parking & Stadium Improvements Llano ISD
Llano, Texas

(Excavation, Select Fill Building Pad, Grading, Tennis Courts, Base at Parking, 2” Hot Mix Asphalt)

Vanguard Truck Center

18001 S Interstate 35
Buda, TX 78610

(Base, Grading, Hot Mix Asphalt)


Auto-Zone #4252
5329 IH 35
Austin, Texas

(2” Hot Mix Asphalt & Striping)

WDS Construction

Kyle Biolife Plasma
Kyle, Texas

Excavate and fill site to grade
Excavate existing soil stockpile Load, haul and spread 16,000 c.y.
Load and haul offsite 5,000 c.y.
Grade for carton form building pad with on-site material
Grade for concrete paving areas to + or – .10/ft.
Lime stabilize 8” depth 73,500 SF
Provide and place 4,058 SY 3” Type D HMAC and 8” base
Provide and place 2960 SY. 2” Type D HMAC and 6” base
Backfill curbs with onsite material

Wurzel Builders

Target – Austin Arboretum
10107 Research Blvd
Austin, Texas 78759

(Demo Existing Asphalt & Concrete, Provide and place 1,740 s.y. 2” Type D Asphalt, Install Gurb & Gutter, Install Sidewalk)

Wurzel Builders

Freedom Park Office Building
630 Ralph Ablanedo
Austin, Texas

(Clear, Excavate, Select fill building Pad A & B, Base at Parking, Asphalt, Backfill)